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SintraStart Acceleration Program, consists in 8 weeks of intense training searching for Business Model Validation through Methodology of “Client Discovery” from Steve Blank..

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What is the Most Worth of the Sintra Start Acceleration Program

The best way to describe the process of an acceleration program is as if you did an MBA in Steroids in a time trial. In just 2 months you will learn, test, redo and re-test your project until you are in the right place. Get ready for the journey of your life


You learn to validate your business model through a methodology of customer discovery. You acquire knowledge and tools to test your product in real time and we demand and that you measure your metrics and present them weekly on stage in front of the other teams. For learning to be more efficient you will have the help of mentors.


In addition to organizing weekly workshops, we also focus on networking events with StartUp Sintra partners so you can establish the maximum number of contacts to help you find the first customers.


We help you prepare the Access Business Angels and Venture Capital pitch, as well as all the documents you need to feel prepared to face any questions from potential investors, with answers based on metrics that you obtained throughout the acceleration program.


Pedro Paiva
“Sintra Startup is more than an incubator, it is a space where there is a great opportunity to grow your business idea since every startup has its own coaching and guidance. We also have the chance to be at a weekly workshop during this Acceleration Program.”
Pedro Paiva CEO, Near Deal
André Roque
“For me it was a pleasure to be part of the Pre-Acceleration Program; it gave us that little push that we needed to go at full steam! The weekly workshops were useful and made us work hard. João Cabral is a great speaker that made us understand all the good values of building and managing a start-up. The program is built to make us leave our comfort zone and go out looking for potential clients so we can understand and adjust our business model to the reality we live in. The fact that we’re only a few teams at the Program helped elevating its quality and made us help each other. I dare all entrepreneurs with a good idea to put it to test in StartUp Sintra, the added value is very useful. Thank you for giving me an opportunity!”

André Roque CEO,
João Redol
“ Joining StartUp Sintra in April and taking part in the first BootCamp allowed BeyonDevices to be closer to the “Startup World” and enjoying an important experience with growing business’s.”
João Redol CEO, Beyondevices


Much of the initial success of StartUps is due to access to people with more experience and a network of contacts that will be decisive. StartUp Sintra already has a network of over 50 mentors available to help StartUps.

Basílio HortaSintra Mayor
João CoutoGeneral Manager at Microsoft
João VasconcelosState Secretary for Industry
Stephan MoraisExecutive Board Member at Caixa Capital


Some of the StartUps that went through the acceleration program were able to validate their business models quite successfully. From investments by Portugal Ventures to Startups that got the first customers during the program, there are stories of entrepreneurship for all tastes. Know the sites of these eight examples of success that have gone through Sintra Start.


José Cabral

“Being in StartUp Sintra was very important, firstly because the acceleration program is very nice, it was there that I understood how it was like to create a StartUp and had access to the necessary tools and methodologies needed to accomplish success. Secondly I have to stand out the amazing environment and creativity made by all the people who work there, it’s easy to share and learn from them.”

José Cabral CEO, JLISBON
Luís Alves

“Taking part on the Acceleration Program allowed us to test all our academic knowledge, validate value propositions, and choose our market segmentation, all the ingredients to accelerate the creation of our business. It was also an important moment of collective learning, due to the sharing of knowledge with other teams that were going through similar challenges, where we ended up helping and being helped.”

Luís Alves COO, Package Point
Paulo Almeida

“«Whale» found its ideal habitat in StartUp Sintra, where we not only feature a very good and large space to work with the perfect conditions to accomplish success but also feature from the sharing of knowedge with other co-workers from other business in the same building (StartUp Sintra). When we gather creative and ambitious people in one spot, something fascinating may happen and the chance of something good come out of there is increased. We think that StartUp Sintra found the perfect formula to make small ideas jump in to big business.”

Paulo Almeida CEO, Whale

Industry Meet-Up

1x1 Orlando Remédios

1x1 Pedro Faria

We help turn ideas into business

Create your product with the help of mentors and test it in the real market. We help you develop a marketing and distribution strategy and make the links to investors and your specific industry.


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