- What is Startup Sintra?
Startup Sintra is the first technology-based business incubator in the municipality of Sintra. Startup Sintra is born with the mentorship of the Sintra Municipal Camera, its founding partners are the Metal Group and the Sintra Business Association. It is located in the parish of Rio de Mouro, in the industrial condominium belonging to the metal group being installed in a building of last generation with 2,000 m2 of floor space, 18 office rooms of 70m2, 1 meeting room, amphitheater with 84 seats, Canopy, leisure area and car park.
- What does Startup Sintra do?
Startup Sintra provides entrepreneurs and technology startups, an incubation ecosystem supported by a professional structure, to accelerate their development. Training, Mentoring, access to business angels and venture capital, networking activities, communication and workshops.
- What is a Startup?
According to Erick Ries, a startup is a human institution designed to create a new product or service in conditions of extreme uncertainty. Startups can be companies in their first stage of development, or just a group of people who come together with the objective of validating certain assumptions about the solution to a problem that can become a sustainable business model, in both cases Distinguish themselves from other companies by creating highly scalable business models from innovative ideas.
- Can I rent a workspace at Startup Sintra?
Startup Sintra is not an office center, it is an incubator, so to be incubated and have access to our support services you have to apply for an idea, business project or company.
- How do I apply for Startup Sintra?
To apply for Startup Sintra, go to www.startupsintra.com, the "applications" tab, fill out and submit the online form.
- How long does it take to respond to my application?
It depends on the volume of applications we are receiving at the moment, but within a maximum of one month will have a response, whether negative or positive. The answer is communicated via email.
- Who evaluates the applications for Startup Sintra?
The applications will be evaluated by a board of external mentors to Startup Sintra with evidence given in the area of entrepreneurship. The mentoring council is independent of the structure of Startup Sintra.
- What are the criteria for evaluating the applications for Startup Sintra?
> Projects aimed at global market with B2B focus;

> Economic and financial viability of the project;

> Capacity of the team (technical, management and entrepreneurship);

> Technological and innovative content of the products and / or services to be supplied;

> Potential impact on regional economic development;

> Importance of the company in the complementarity of the companies already installed in the municipality of Sintra;
- I do not have a company yet, can I apply?
Yes. We select projects in several phases. You may not have the company incorporated and you are still developing your product, or it may be a company that is already in the market, as long as it has a maximum of three years of activity.
- What are the requirements to apply for the Startup Sintra?
Individuals who are promoters of a business project, as well as companies up to three years of existence, may apply.
My business is not technological. Can I apply?
No. At the moment we are only accepting applications for technology-based projects.
- If my application is accepted, what is the amount of the monthly income?
Values vary based on the state of the company's development.
- I just want to be incubated virtually. Do I have to apply?
Yes. All kind of incubation goes through an online application. With the project framework.
- If I'm not accepted can I apply again?
Yes. There is no limit on the number of applications.
- I have a business idea, but I do not have a Business Plan and I'm still developing the product. Can I apply?
Yes. It is not necessary to have a business plan. The objective of Startup Sintra is to help entrepreneurs validate a business model so that they can subsequently make a business plan based on validated assumptions.
"I have a business idea and a team, but I do not have the money to develop the business. Can Sartup Sintra invest in my Startup?
No. Startup Sintra does not invest in Startups. However Startup Sintra through its network of partners helps entrepreneurs to prepare for the presentation of their projects with business angels and venture capital.
"I have a business idea, but I do not have a team. Does Satrtup Sintra help at this stage?
Yes. Startup Sintra develops a set of events / workshops throughout the year to introduce potential founders who have complementary skills
- If my project is accepted, how long can I stay at Sintra Startup
The maximum incubation period is three years.
- I'm not a Portuguese citizen. Can I apply for Startup Sintra?
Yes. Startup Sintra values the incubation of international projects.


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